heeeeeeeeee~ Sal aku urang bandar..

I think I’m starting to reconsider this whole blogging gig. I think it’s time for me to let go. It’s like… My blogging ability is fading away. That extra umph! is now lost. Like when I read my old posts, all of them are filled with souls and are lively. The ones from Blogspot and Friendster, Imean. Time ku Form 4 yo! Yatah..ani inda lagi siuk. Abis dah inspiration ku. Sal makin banyak dah urang start blogging. Cam it’s the in thing udah. And it bores me. Anyway, what I’m actually trying to say is that it’s been.. I don’t know… 3 years? Almost 4. Yeah.. It really is just the time to let go.. But I’m not gonna delete everything man.. This is like, my work, my life, them memories of my fangirl-ing over Brendon Urie and everything, it’s me, nanti kalau ku tua, ada jua kan ku baca. And remind me how silly I was then.

Lagipun sibuk ku udah masani. Kan becinta ku.. Nada lagi masaku kan squeeze-in blogging ani. Buang masa. huhuuu..

Even so, being my-fickle-self, I’d maybe change my mind..

Toodles noodles poodles!

Edit/: Maybe I should stay..? I love Jian. And I shall brighten up her days with my stories, as she does to me with hers (x And yes, I will try to get back into the whole blogging mood.

Thumb-wrestling sure is fun!



  1. athousandthings Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~ please jgn stop blogging… i’ll miss reading your post. cali wah…. they all made my day. banar.

    ur faithful reader (esehhh)

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